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Welcome to my world


French born, I moved to Switzerland many years ago, first to Geneva and more recently to Zurich


I am a self-taught painter, whose interest for drawing and painting was natural since my young age

I remember enjoying those paper dolls I was dressing with paper clothes. Later I could spend hours copying super models from fashion magazines. I had a particular interest for women with a strong presence, even a kind of haughty attitude and models captured by photographers at this very specific and ephemeral but powerful moment

Today I paint the same kind of women that inspired me during my early games and later drawings and painting

Those women are strong, they are beautiful, they are powerful and sexy


Over the last decade I attended several ateliers in Switzerland where recognized artists helped me to improve my drawing and master oil painting. I also spent a week in Florence to practice classic Italian thin oil multiple layers. Finally, I spent hundreds of hours on YouTube watching painters from all over the world to learn technics and tricks.


I have a full time job in Finance but practice everyday during the week, week-ends and holidays. I also spend hours in Museums and more especially the Kunsthaus Museum in Zurich where I go at least once a week during lunch time.


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