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Welcome to my world !

Born in France, I made Switzerland my home 30 years ago, initially in Geneva and then Zurich. After a long career in Finance, investing in Hedge Funds for prestigious Swiss private banks, I decided to devote my time to the world of painting. Over the past decade, I attended several ateliers in Switzerland, benefiting from the guidance of established artists who assisted me refine and master my skills. I also spent time in Florence immersing myself in the practice of classic Italian thin oil multiple layers. 

Art has been an enduring passion throughout my life. Years of daily practice intensified my dedication, prompting a full-time commitment to further accomplish both my technique and conceptualization. Painting provides me timeless moments, enabling me to escape from reality. This parallel dimension has become essential for my wellbeing.

Women are an important part of my work, and I am particularly interested by the ones with a strong presence, often characterized by a certain haughty attitude. I try to capture ephemeral and fleeting instants, the essence of movement and attitude that accentuates the beauty and power inherent in women. Introducing elements like shoes, jewelry or sunglasses serves to reinforce the amalgamation of beauty and power. Having spent a substantial part of my career in Finance, I've observed a notable evolution in the way women comfortably embrace competence, power, and femininity, which I am keen to represent. 

Color plays a pivotal role in my creative process. Typically, each project begins in black and white, serving as a blank canvas that I later infuse with colors based on my unique interpretation of the scene and the desired atmosphere I aim to evoke. This transformative stage allows me to breathe life into my work, adding a vibrant and personalized dimension to the visual narrative.
Through my artwork, my intention is to share this fusion of beauty and power, hoping to inspire and empower individuals of all generations and genders to embark on their own journey of emancipation.




SWISS ART EXPO - Sept 6-10, 2023

SBB Event Hall Zürich

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