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I love painting women that I find beautiful and inspiring. I try to capture and bring out their sensuality and empowerment, like if nothing could stop them from being who they truly are. They are proud and strong.

I often find my inspiration from black and white photos, but it is difficult to explain why I chose some and not others. I let my instinct drive me. I do tear many pages from magazines that I store, waiting for the right time to finally use them.

While starting my painting, I draw without taking any measure and accept to have bodies or shapes that are not perfect. Imperfections reflect the way I see or feel things. They are me and I welcome them. Then there is this moment in the production process, where I have this weird feeling that she is in front of me, which sometimes scares me and is often the time for me to end the painting.

I usually paint in the evening when day's troubles have abated and the quite night enables me to escape.

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